Coyote Automotive

The pattern for lorry driver villains in movie seems to be: 1) The heroes by chance antagonise a random lorry driver on the highway 2) The lorry driver seems to be a felony/psychopath/flesh eating monster, 3) The heroes spend the rest of the film operating (or driving) for his or her lives. The moral of the story is evident; don?t annoy a lorry driver!

Daves Automotive

These trucks and truck drivers are the stars of movies and documentaries. Each boy and possibly some ladies have a wish to drive these wonderful vans. Their color and measurement bring awe to fans. Their various loads preserve the economies of whole international locations on the move. The truck driver job isn’t just a job. It is about trucking life, understanding that you can’t let a buyer down. Truck drivers make a distinction the place it counts and it is only on the rare … Read More